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Huntington disease

Progressive supranuclear palsy

Brain and spinal cord

Tay-Sachs disease (late onset)

Kennedys disease


Huntington Disease

Inherited disease that result death of brain cells. FHx

SSx – 30 -50 y o

early signs – personality, cognition, mood

later – chorea (jerky, random movement)

Dx – genetic test (even embrio)

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Progressive supranuclear palsy

degenerative disease involving death of specific volume of the brain due to accumulation of tau protein

SSx – balance, slow movement, dementia, difficulties moving eyes

O – 60 – 70 y o

DDx – Alzheimer, Parkinson

– supranuclear – no vertical eye movements

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Kennedy’s Disease

AKA spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy

Genetic degeneration of motor neurons in brain (stem) and spinal cord

Bulbar Sx – swallowing, speach, throat

LMN Sx – +ve Babinski and decreased DTR

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Tay-Sachs disease (late onset)

Genetic disorder that result destruction of nerve cells in brain and spinal cord

  • usually onset 3-6 month old – death at 4 y o
  • late onset (juvenile). SSx – seisures, hearing loss, inability to move. death at 15

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