On-Site Physiotherapy Service

Experienced Physiotherapist helps decrease the time off work and the cost of sickness absence.

We can provide physiotherapy services at your location allowing your employees to receive a comprehensive range of both preventative and reactive treatments at their workplace.

This is recommended for larger employers or employers with high numbers of employees reporting musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders as it is most cost effective. 

With a focus on early access, diagnosis and treatment of MSK conditions, our onsite physiotherapy services will minimise the impact of sickness absence on your organisation and assists your employee’s back to work, as quickly and safely as possible.

A weekly / monthly clinic ensures fast access to assess new problems and continuation of treatment to ensure the quickest possible recovery.

We have been working with local businesses helping them to save money by providing an Onsite Physiotherapy Service for their Workforce. We have excellent testimonials for the service from clients including Riverside Hub.

We can also provide brief reports so management gets an idea of how the recovery is progressing, how many more physio sessions may be needed and if the employee is off work, an estimated return to work date. This information helps the management team with operational planning.

Our previous work and studies have shown our onsite physiotherapy service to be a very cost-effective way of managing musculoskeletal absence. Research shows that fast access to assessment and treatment is essential for the optimum quality and speed of recovery.

Corporate info:

2-3 workers can be seen during an hour of Physiotherapy work (30min for initial assessment and 20min follow up)

On-site rate per hour £60

Minimum 3 hours per site/day

If interested, please call 07738493974 or send us email: vadim@colganosteo.com